Community Benefits

We aim to change outdated systems and challenge how we future forecast and design for a changing world.

Our Circle-based online community is more than a global network of future foresight and design experts, it is a space of kinship.

Highly purpose driven Future Macro Insights presentations, workshops, panels.
Resources for elevating your futures methodologies, mission, business strategies.
Collective knowledge fostering macro trends around systems change, sustainability, inclusivity and creating a preferable future.
1-2-1 support with opportunities to collaborate and get training.
Collective kinship and Connections with diverse members of the creative industry, from designers to forecasters, brand strategists to marketers.
A private, safe and meaningful setting to expand our vision, tools, connections, as well as create the necessary transition to a sustainable world.
Trend Atelier community group

Why Community and Kinship matter for Future Trend Forecasters & Creatives

Veronica Fossa quote

Our community exists to democratise future trend forecasting methods, futuristic insights and thought provoking approaches. We understand design and future foresight is about relationships.

As a collective, we seek out the edges and adjacent views, because we see the biggest innovation as philosophical. For us, the lab is everywhere.

In our subscription based online space, we deepen our work on an ongoing basis with curated events, future insights, workshops, tools and resources, blending innovation, philosophies & kinship.

Trend Atelier Community group

Month after month, the futuring concepts and methods fleshed out together inform impact-led strategies for our collective of forecasters, strategists, innovators, designers, students, academics and creatives around the globe.  

The development of our members' philosophical and strategic approaches is paramount to our values and run side by side.

We provide blueprints around values, mission, development and feedback. The exchanges we foster lead to collaborations, showcases, feedback, new horizons and attentive support.

The Community accepts new members only once a year, so be sure to join the waiting list so you don’t miss out.

In their own words

Our best ambassadors are the members who have benefited both professionally and personally from our community.

Nalini Arora

Footwear & Accessory Design Consultant

"I've really enjoyed being in the community because there's not just designerS, there ARE trend forecasters, teachers different creatives. we're sharing our thoughts AND I love hearing the different perspectives. it gives me an opportunity to challenge and question myself. as a designer you're rushed to do things and so your research kind of goes to the wayside. so being part of a community reminds me TO do more careful, thoughtful research, IT will be better for my clients and I love going to the website and reading links from people and finding new ideas."

Veronica Fossa

Togetherness & Community Researcher, Speaker, Podcaster @The Nourishing Workplace, Entrepreneur

"I really like the idea this is democratic and accessible. People can also contribute with insights and it is a very collaborative platform. So being part of the community I was introduced to a lot of concepts I wasn’t familiar with. What I really love about it is also that it is very broad in terms of topics we cover. As trend forecasters, we are also curators of our own worLd, ambassadors of the type of world we want to see."

Rachael Taylor

Fashion Academic, Researcher and Artist

"That is the amazing thing about the community it’s that co-created conversation. It opens up new ways of thinking and doing. We have critical conversations and come up with solutions. And I think for me it is a really special place because it feels safe to take risks and have these open conversations you really want to have about making a positive change in what you do."

I discovered the Trend Atelier Community during the Covid winter of 2020, and it was an incredibly inspiring place of talks and presentations during a difficult period. The presentations are innovative and thought-provoking, and the community is full of engaged and intelligent individuals.

Gemma Hardy
Designer, Sustainability & Creative Researcher

"Feeling grateful to the Trend Atelier team for everything you do to make this community such a special place."

Rhiannon Jones
Future Trend Forecaster & Agency Co-founder of Ultra Violet

"I am not the same as a year ago thanks to the community."

Yolanda Martin
Advertising & PR. Fashion Communication

“I learned so much, thank you for continuously supporting your students and always being a mentor to us letting us be part of your community. Always grateful.”

PJ Almera
Interdisciplinary Architect, Designer, Creative Director, & Founder of ACIIID agency

"I feel very honored to be a part of this community, pushing further the commitment to a better future."

Debora Amendola
Fashion Designer

“Thank you Geraldine for creating the courses, the events and this community. And thank you everyone for all your contributions. It's very inspiring!"

Iulia Circei
Interior designer & stylist

"Thank you for this and for all you've done this year with the Trend Atelier community. This is something very special that you created with this community. I'm grateful to be part of it."

Koura Rosy Kane
Creative researcher & Founder of Platform

"I'm really thankful to be in this community of so talented and amazing people during this year. It has encouraged me to be systematical and also gives many inspirations."

Barbara Strabel-Horbacz
Trend Researcher


Explore our community resources and enhance your research experience with podcasts, articles, and video presentations.

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The Trend Atelier is also a School

Whether you are just starting out or have been a creative professional for some time, the time is now to equip ourselves with a macro understanding of the future and critical thinking tools.