The Trend Atelier supports

Forecasters & futuring creatives

inspiring collaboration, knowledge

and challenging the role of futurists


Every day we are all creating the future with the actions we take. That's why it's so important to envision OUR FUTURE.

Our founder, globally known Fashion Futurist Geraldine Wharry, designed our master-courses to expand the creative, methodical and philosophical approach we have to the future, how we are inspired to create game changing products and strategies as active members of the creative industry.

Forecast Trends Like a Futurist

Flagship mastercourse

Learn how to Explore, Identify, Connect and Present Future Scenarios focused on macro trends for the creative industries.

a futurist and forecaster teaching how to research trends

How to Research the Future

Focused mastercourse

Learn Successful and Comprehensive Methods to research Future Scenarios for the Creative industries.


The Trend Atelier community is tight knit and focused on deeply meaningful exchanges, not numbers. We see future forecasting as a gateway to critical decision making for the greater good of the planet & the people.

Our Mission is to help future forecasting professionals and designers change outdated systems + re-invent the world through the curated experience we provide.

Trend Atelier community group
In depth Future Trend forecasting methods for the creative industry, with purpose led, thought provoking approaches.
In depth Future Trend forecasting methods for the creative industry, with purpose led, thought provoking approaches

Why Community and Education matter for Future Trend Forecasters

Community Globe

The Trend Atelier Community and School exists because there’s a gap between learning structured future foresight methodologies and implementing them with visionary thinking.

There is also a deep need to harness future trend forecasting for the greater good.

From our courses to our community space, the Trend Atelier supports trend forecasters and creatives by fostering kinship, collaboration, professional development, as well as access to ground breaking future insights.

Trend Atelier Community group

The word trend is overused and can have a negative connotation BUT it is an important word representing shifts in behaviour which when brought together, point to changes impacting not only products, but society and culture.

The time is now to face the future intelligently. Through our understanding of what affects the human project and macro trends for the creative industry, we can all implement big picture strategies for what we call Purpose driven forecasting.

The Community accepts new members only once a year, so be sure to join the waiting list so you don’t miss out.

Now more than ever there is an ethical responsibility we have to question how things are made and conceptualized for their long term life for generations ahead.

In their own words

Our best ambassadors are the students who have benefited both professionally and personally from our courses and community.

Caitlin Monahan

"Learning the tools to develop your own perspectives about the future makes it that much more exciting. You learn to develop tools to critically analise big social issues. This course was fundamental to the success of my project"

Caitlin Monahan, WGSN strategist, design manager and Managing director of Limbo & Hatch, London UK
PJ Almera

"One of the most in-depth online courses I have ever taken. It is very engaging, captivating and it’s complete. All the things you need to learn Geraldine discusses. It’s very insightful and eye opening"

Patrick James Almera, Interdisciplinary Architect, Designer, Creative Director, & Founder of ACIIID agency, Manila Philippines
Nayara Moia

"I have been working in trend research for 7 years and the course helped me organise my research and sources, become more focused. The methodologies Geraldine taught us were very interesting and I felt very supported"

Nayara Moia, Future strategy & consumer behaviour consultant, Brazil & Sweden


Explore our community resources and enhance your research experience with podcasts, articles, and video presentations.

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