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Speculative Design & Creating compelling Future Worlds
Speculative Design & Creating compelling Narratives of Future Worlds
Increasingly, as everyone has access to the same data, to provide a transformative vision of the future, we need to lean on speculative design. In this replay of our Futuring Lab, learn and practice.
How to create a mission statement for forecasters
How to create a Mission statement to align your purpose with your Future Foresight work
Future foresight professionals and futuring creatives must have a mission statement to build longevity and integrity in their work. Here's how to do this so you don't lose sight of your purpose.
World Building Foresight for creative and innovation leaders
World Building Foresight
The World Building Framework by the Trend Atelier is a game changing and regenerative future foresight approach for forecasters and creatives
The ethics of future trend forecasting
The Ethics of Future Trend Forecasting
The 4 key aspects in considering the ethics of future trend forecasting in a polycrisis world covered during our Futuring Lab
Creating a Future Artefact: The why and the how
Creating a Future Artefact: The why and the how
Learn about Creating a Future Artefact in this article and replay of our Futuring lab session for forecasters and creatives
Fashioning Futures Alternatives
Fashioning Futures Alternatives
Shapers of Society podcast host & our founder discuss the future forecasting and , Rewilding, the nature of trends, our responsibility as forecasters questioning the fashion system.
Speculative Design: why it’s key for long term future foresight
Speculative Design for long term future foresight and strategy
In an increasingly fast changing world, the discipline of speculative design is gaining in popularity for agencies, corporations and institutions.
forecasting the future like a Futurist
The 7 essential steps to forecasting the future like a Futurist
Within the complexities of Future Foresight and the work of a Futurist, a blend of methodology, creativity and personal mission is needed. Here's our blueprint.
Rewilding Future Trend Forecasting
What is the concept of Rewilding Future Trend Forecasting?
Why forecasting future trends needs sustainable and regenerative principles such as rewilding to redefine future foresight for the design and fashion industry.
7 reasons Future Trend Forecasting is vital
7 reasons Future Foresight is vital for the Fashion & the Creative Industries
Trend forecasting is about detecting signs of change and understanding how they point to the future.

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