How to Research the Future

Geraldine Wharry, Instructor, Fashion Futurist

Knowing How to Research the Future has never been so critical. Learn Successful and Comprehensive Methods to research Future Scenarios for the Creative industries. You will be able to expand your professional and creative approach to future trend research, through a clear step-by-step curriculum.

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6 modules with pre-recorded videos, text & bonus inspiration materials
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Who is it for?

Whether you are a Designer, Buyer, Innovation professional, Strategist, Academic or Student, this course is for acquiring the skills to research future trends and patterns of behaviour, methodically and creatively.

Powerful research skills are the foundation of high level future trend forecasting. You will garner the methodology your instructor, Futurist Geraldine Wharry, has herself applied to fields as diverse as Design, Innovation, Beauty, Retail, Tech and Fashion.

A rigorous methodology of researching macro trends, behaviours, cultural and societal shifts impacting the creative industries
Creative and purpose-led approaches to researching future trends in line with the greater good and sustainability
Difficulty Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Language:  English
Accreditation: Completion certificate
Through comprehensive lectures, exercises, inspirational resources brought together by Futurist Geraldine Wharry, you will be able to expand your professional and creative approach to investigating the future.

Our popular course will teach you how to structure your work, stay inspired and think outside the box with a series of transformative lectures to empower your work as a researcher, forecaster and creative.

From understanding the fundamentals of future trends research, having the right methods, resources and templates, to strengthening your purpose, we have you covered.
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The Framework

You will focus on both the theoretical and practical aspects of future forecasting research through:
research course step 1
Step 1
research course step 2
Step 2
research course step 3
Step 3
research course step 4
Step 4
research course step 5
Step 5
research course step 6
Step 6
research course step 7
Step 7

Our instructors

The 'How to research the future' curriculum* has been designed by the Fashion Futurist, designer and educator Geraldine Wharry.
*If you are enrolled in our 'Forecast Trends Like a Futurist' course, you do not need to take this course.

Lead instructor

Geraldine Wharry (She/Her) is a globally known Fashion Futurist, Public Speaker, Educator and Designer with 20+ years of experience. She is also the founder of the Trend Atelier School & Community. Her futuristic forecasts and strategic insights, have been implemented with global leaders in areas as diverse as Tech, Fashion, Finance, Infrastructure, Lifestyle, Beauty, Retail, Innovation, Electronics and Youth Culture.

Her views on a future of fashion that stands at the crossroads of Tech, Purpose and Sustainability are regularly featured in the press such as Vogue Business, The Guardian, Sunday Times, BoF, the BBC, GQ, and Dazed.

Geraldine is a fellow of the RSA. She is a keynote speaker and has guest lectured at Universities such as the RCA, Conde Nast, LCF and IED Barcelona. She also dedicates herself to mentoring and climate change activism.

In their own words

Caitlin Monahan

WGSN strategist, design manager and Managing director of Limbo & Hatch, London UK

"Learning the tools to develop your own perspectives about the future makes it that much more exciting. You learn to develop tools to critically analyze big social issues. This course was fundamental to the success of my project"

Nayara Moia

Future strategy & consumer behaviour consultant, Brazil & Sweden

"I have been working in trend research for 7 years and the course helped me organize my research and sources, become more focused. The methodologies Geraldine taught us were very interesting and I felt very supported"

“My career has been focused in apparel design so it was interesting to take this course to understand the adjacencies of careers focused on trend forecasting. It will help me be a better design today and might lead to a future career path down the road.”

Carmen Zolman
Designer, Nike

“First I want to thank you for this course, it's been very enrich for me. Me, as a person who is between strategist for agencies and trends research have difficult in how to describe my abilities or to put a name in what I do, but when I have to choose I always go for Trends Researcher because I feel is more humble and more honest with what I want for my future.”

Luisa Ferreira
Freelance Trends, Consumer and Cultural Researcher

”This course has been amazing, it has given me insight and advice in how to get into trend forecasting and the steps needed to take. In my new job role (in a non fashion industry), I will be working in the Market Intelligence where it's not just numbers on a spreadsheet but seeking out key messages from Macroeconomic data and Market data, which will build on the research and analyst skills I already have. But as I have a great passion for fashion trends I can't wait to start putting the methodology of HUNT-GATHER-IDENTIFY into practice. Researching about trend molecules and cross triangulation to what we need in general like humility and being open to change is inspiring.”

Sabina Shariff
Analyst, Macro & Micro Trend Researcher

"Geraldine's guide to trend forecasting is comprehensive and straight forward. Furthermore she uses clear examples so you can better understand the theory. The graphics are outstanding and the structure is intuitively organized. I think it is the perfect tool for someone starting out in the forecasting field. I couldn't recommend it more."

Ana Maria Calin
Contributor to Elle Deco Romania and interior design PR consultant

"I am thoroughly enjoying your course and am excited to start putting what I have learned in to practice. Your course has given me great insight and has made me even more hungry to pursue a job in Trend forecasting."

Lauryn Duguid
Creative Researcher, Colour Enthusiast, Fashion Educator

The whole course has been amazing. I was really impressed by the humility advice. I think it's important no matter where you work. I feel I made a lot of progress by knowing more about what a forecaster do and how he does it. I'm a journalist, now working on the business side of fashion, and I hope this experience will help me to built a stronger career profile. I will start your other class soon. Thanks a lot!"

Diana Leon Banda
Journalist for Fashion Network and blogger at Diana Leon Creative

Course Curriculum

Download this free PDF to learn more about the How To Research The Future course.

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