The Ultimate Course on Future

Trend Forecasting methodically,

creatively and with a purpose

for creatives and forecasters

Lifetime access to 54 lectures spread across 6 modules including 4 workbooks, The Trend Atelier methodology model, Report structure models, 2 report writing templates, 1 report design template, 11 exercises, 10 quizzes, Where to research library and template + extensive inspiration materials throughout the whole course
Macro Trend methodologies including the 3 pronged Trend Atelier methodology: HUNT- IDENTIFY- GATHER created by our founder Geraldine Wharry in 2014. Methods for big picture cultural and behavioural shifts, long term scenarios for the creative industries
Access the lectures in various formats: video, text, transcripts + Downloadable Mp3s + all the live methodology replays since 2019
Combining academic, purpose-led and thought provoking methodologies to forecast and envision futures for the creative industry. Difficulty Level: Beginner to Advanced
Advice + productivity hacks for the every day of forecasters and futuring creatives addressing the challenges of project, knowledge and time management. A safe space to exchange and discuss online with our community network & during our monthly live sessions
Language:  English with written transcripts
Accreditation: Completion certificate
Designed to awaken the futurist inside of you, curated to expand your skills, horizons & sustainable mission. 

Our founder Geraldine Wharry advises leading innovation agencies and brands ranging from Adidas to Nike, Seymour Powell to Dior. She is an RSA fellow, a contributor for Dazed, a keynote speaker, as well as a futurist designer working across medias, with a focus on the future human project, climate and social justice.

For the brave creatives who want to master future forecasting frameworks and challenge outdated and unsustainable systems. We support future forecasters, futuring designers and creatives to gain the skills and confidence to envision and manifest a preferable future.

Join the new wave of futures literacy.

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The Framework

Becoming a future trend forecaster or embedding future trends in your creative work does not have to be overwhelming. Experience the structured step-by-step journey and curriculum framework developed by world renowned Fashion futurist Geraldine Wharry.
forecast course step 1
Step 1
forecast course step 2
Step 2
forecast course step 3
Step 3
forecast course step 4
Step 4
forecast course step 5
Step 5
forecast course step 6
Step 6
forecast course step 7
Step 7
forecast course step 8
Step 8
forecast course step 9
Step 9

In their own words

Patrick James Almera

Interdisciplinary Architect, Designer, Creative Director, & Founder of ACIIID agency, Manila Philippines

"One of the most in-depth online courses I have ever taken. It is very engaging, captivating and it’s complete. All the things you need to learn Geraldine discusses. It’s very insightful and eye opening"

Having been a designer and now pursuing a MSc in Sustainability, the Trend Atelier school and founder Geraldine Wharry's work resonates deeply. As a result of completing the forecasting course, I secured several freelance forecasting jobs.

Gemma Hardy
Designer, Sustainability & Creative Researcher

"Geraldine taught me that to be a forecaster and detect the future, not only you must work on your skills to recognise patterns through society and disciplines but simultaneously you should keep thinking how those changes, that are occurring before your eyes, will impact the future. Geraldine was an inspiring teacher, futurist and even more as a person."

Giulia Moschen Bracho
Trend Researcher,

"I just wanted to say I've loved the course - everything about it! I have gained some great insight, direction and confidence from listening to your experience. I have decided to re-engage with design more sustainability and authentically and this course has given me such a wealth of research to explore and take with me. Thank you for all our help."

Christine Teeling
Print Designer

"Thank you Geraldine for sharing all this amazing content. I've been studying Trend Research for years now, and I'm always looking for more experts to learn from. There is just so much to discover! Thanks again! :)"

Andrea Riggio
Fashion Designer / Founder & Instructor on I-Trends Lab

"This was a great course with an awesome instructor! The course helped me understand how to combine my intuition with data to form a comprehensive trend report. When I started the course, I did NOT know the theory behind trend forecasting. You, the course, gave a clear understanding of the theory behind trend forecasting and its importance. It was inspirational and very resourceful. I would love to make the whole course into a hardcover so I can have it at all times. Thank you so much!"

Ana Ortega
Fashion Educator

"Very excited to be here and look forward to sharing ideas and inspiration. Really excited to be doing this course - it's something that I've wanted to do for a very long-time, and this course comes at a great time and the format is amazing too..!! This course addresses and delivers against all of my expectations. I'm very interested in the impact of trends on health and wellness and how the future of science-led innovation, and technology will deliver innovation and insights in new and exciting ways - add design/system thinking, the creative industry and the solutions are exponential. This course is amazing and has already provided some break-through thinking. Thank you Geraldine and I look forward to learning more and applying what I'm learning in new ways."

Melanie Irons

*"I am super excited to be part of the course - thank you so much Geraldine. I have to digest and dig into this now as there has been so much valuable information already. For me, the thought of "collective fiction will shape society" is def an epiphany and while it is quite obvious, I've never really put it into context until now :0 Another thing is the possibility for trend forecasting to help shaping a more sustainable mind set, so we can finally leave the crazy "24 collections a year madness" behind. Personally, I feel mainstream fashion is so anachronistic and out dated on so many levels, and it is time for a change!"*

Julia Klein Klute
Denim Designer

"The course is amazing, so much information to digest, so much inspiration and also it is so generous of you to share all the templates and know hows you have gained over the years!"

Ola Debska
Educator and business owner

Level up your future forecasting skills

Level up your future forecasting skills

Were the examples used in the course new and interesting?

Very Good - 4 out of 5 rating
Excellent - 5 out of 5 rating

Who is it for?

Whether you are a Designer, Forecaster, Innovation professional, Strategist, Academic or Student this course is for acquiring the skills to forecast future trends and patterns of behaviour, methodically and creatively.

You will garner methodologies and mindsets applicable to fields as diverse as Design, Innovation, Service design, Interiors, Beauty, Retail, Tech and Fashion.

Our instructors

The 'Forecast Trends Like a Futurist' curriculum is mainly taught by the Trend Atelier’s founder Geraldine Wharry.

Our lectures include expert guests such:
- Speculative designer/ Materials researcher/ Design Thinking expert & Educator Tina Gorjanc
Digital Strategist/ Limbo & Hatch cofounder/ Hype Bae editor Caitlin Monahan
- Futures Strategist & Hackmasters cofounder Saher Sidhom
- Creative researcher/ image licensing and copyright specialist Laura Weatherburn

Lead instructor

Geraldine Wharry (She/Her) is a globally known Fashion Futurist, Public Speaker, Educator and Designer with 20+ years of experience. She is also the founder of the Trend Atelier School & Community. Her futuristic forecasts and strategic insights, have been implemented with global leaders in areas as diverse as Tech, Fashion, Finance, Infrastructure, Lifestyle, Beauty, Retail, Innovation, Electronics and Youth Culture.

Her views on a future of fashion that stands at the crossroads of Tech, Purpose and Sustainability are regularly featured in the press such as Vogue Business, The Guardian, Sunday Times, BoF, the BBC, GQ, and Dazed.

Geraldine is a fellow of the RSA. She is a keynote speaker and has guest lectured at Universities such as the RCA, Conde Nast, LCF and IED Barcelona. She also dedicates herself to mentoring and climate change activism.


Get ready to expand your knowledge and understanding of future trend forecasting, from the fundamentals to creating a report, to finding meaning in your work. Take a look at what you will dive into, learn in each module and the bonuses you’ll get along the way.

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Course Curriculum

Move through the modules at your own pace. You’ll have lifetime access to the course (for as long as it is live) and can jump back in when you want. Take advantage of our online community portal (hosted on Circle) and live sessions for real time feedback and connections.

Module 1

Welcome to the course
  • Your essentials to get you started and set up to make the most of the course
  • Onboarding & commitments
  • Reading list & Listening list
  • Invite to join the Trend Atelier community

Module 2

Key ingredients Research & Foresight
  • Understanding our obsession with new & the Future of Trend Forecasting. What is Trend Forecasting & Why is It Important?
  • Trend Timelines & Why they are Key to Frame your Forecast
  • The Hunt - Identify - Gather Methodology
  • The different types of research
  • Cross-cultural analysis, scenario planning and ‘fictioning’
  • Speculative Design lecture with Tina Gorjanc
  • Intuition’s role, Data driven research and forecasting

Module 3

The Methodology part 1: HUNT
  • Identification of your Research Problem & Project Brief.
  • Time management & productivity guide
  • Researching wide & Deep. Where to research & How to organise your research resources
  • Research Ethics & Culturally-Sensitive Methods as well as the importance of history
  • Bringing in the Experts and creating a network
  • Reviewing your research and Discerning the context of trends

Module 4

The Methodology part 2: IDENTIFY
  • Stepping away to allow creative thinking, brainstorming & sharing ideas
  • Solidifying your key messages and Structuring your forecast
  • Visual iconography & image management
  • Wording & creating impactful trend titles.
  • Forecast deliverables & the final stages before creating your report

Module 5

The Methodology Part 3: GATHER
  • Assessment & final review of your key messages & direction for your forecast
  • Finalising your key messages and editing
  • Prototype the future with Digital artist guests curated by Caitline Monahan
  • Image Copyright & Crediting with Creative researcher & Licensing specialist Laura Weatherburn
  • Writing your final Forecast & Tone of Voice
  • Design the Forecast template

Module 6

Conclusion: What’s Next?
  • Allowing your ideas to grow post creation of your report
  • How to harness trends whilst maintaining originality
  • Rewilding trend forecasting
  • The power of creating trend content
  • Amplifying your message

The Trend Atelier is also a Community

Our students get access to our community dedicated space where they get feedback and exchange with other future curious minds, as well as their instructor(s).

For an ever higher level of ongoing support and access to future insights, designed for elevated professional and personal growth, our Visionnaire community monthly membership is changing the lives of forecasters and futuring creatives around the world.


Explore our community resources and enhance your research experience with podcasts, articles, and video presentations.

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