The Trend Atelier school

As a student, you will gain in depth and clear trend forecasting methodologies as well as purpose led, thought provoking approaches to future forecasting for the creative industries.

Insights gained from our courses will elevate and support your work and mission. As future foresight professionals and creatives, you have a great sphere of influence therefore our goal is to hep you make an impact whilst honing your craft.

The Courses

Whether you are just starting out, a designer or have been a future forecasting professional for some time, we have knowledge that can help.

Our courses will equip you with a proven framework now used by forecasters around the world. The lectures will challenge you to be more innovative, strategic, mindful and creative. Our goal is to expand your horizons, resources, skillsets, your ‘futuring’ voice and help craft your development. So that in turn you can inspire long term futures directions for your clients, teams, big and small.

Forecast Like a Futurist

Our in depth mastercourse

Awaken the futurist in you to expand your futures thinking and ability to envision scenarios for possible futures. Explore, identify, and envision the future. This course is for foresight professionals and creatives seeking to sustainable futures with the planet and people in mind

a futurist and forecaster teaching how to research trends

How to Research the Future

Our focused mastercourse

Learn Successful and Comprehensive Methods to research Future Scenarios for the Creative industries. Master how future trends are researched creatively and methodically for big picture thinking impacting the creative industries.

In depth Future Trend forecasting methods for the creative industry, with purpose led, thought provoking approaches.
In depth Future Trend forecasting methods for the creative industry, with purpose led, thought provoking approaches

Our instructors

Our courses are designed by Fashion Futurist and Trend Atelier founder Geraldine Wharry. The curriculum also features expert interviews, guest curators and lecturers.

Lead instructor

Geraldine Wharry (She/Her) is a globally known Fashion Futurist, Public Speaker, Educator and Designer with 20+ years of experience. She is also the founder of the Trend Atelier School & Community. Her futuristic forecasts and strategic insights, have been implemented with global leaders in areas as diverse as Tech, Fashion, Finance, Infrastructure, Lifestyle, Beauty, Retail, Innovation, Electronics and Youth Culture.

Her views on a future of fashion that stands at the crossroads of Tech, Purpose and Sustainability are regularly featured in the press such as Vogue Business, The Guardian, Sunday Times, BoF, the BBC, GQ, and Dazed.

Geraldine is a fellow of the RSA. She is a keynote speaker and has guest lectured at Universities such as the RCA, Conde Nast, LCF and IED Barcelona. She also dedicates herself to mentoring and climate change activism.

Trend Forecasters, Designers, Researchers, Brand strategists, Innovation managers, Creative Directors, Consumer trend experts, Speculative Designers, Academics, Business Owners as well as students (we also have writers, anthropologists and journalists enrolled in our courses).

  • expanding your forecasting toolbox with a clear methodology of researching and identifying future behaviours, cultural and societal shifts.
  • seeking new horizons in how to approach future forecasting that combine purpose and innovation.
  • focusing on macro trends, micro trends and visionary thinking for the Creative Industries.
  • strengthening your existing knowledge of how future patterns can be researched, identified and presented.
  • passionate about cross triangulating the Cultural, Technological, Scientific, Socio-Political and Artistic signals that point to the future.

In their own words

Our best ambassadors are the students who have benefited both professionally and personally from our courses and community.

Caitlin Monahan

WGSN strategist, design manager and Managing director of Limbo & Hatch, London UK

"Learning the tools to develop your own perspectives about the future makes it that much more exciting. You learn to develop tools to critically analyze big social issues. This course was fundamental to the success of my project"

Patrick James Almera

Interdisciplinary Architect, Designer, Creative Director, & Founder of ACIIID agency, Manila Philippines

"One of the most in-depth online courses I have ever taken. It is very engaging, captivating and it’s complete. All the things you need to learn Geraldine discusses. It’s very insightful and eye opening"

Nayara Moia

Future strategy & consumer behaviour consultant, Brazil & Sweden

"I have been working in trend research for 7 years and the course helped me organize my research and sources, become more focused. The methodologies Geraldine taught us were very interesting and I felt very supported"

The Framework

Forecasting the future doesn't have to be confusing. And it won't be once you learn our methodology. We will focus on the skills, tools, mindset as well as the deliverables of future forecasting.

Clear learning journey to research, identify and forecast futures in a meaningful community setting
Established and emerging alternative methods of Future Trend forecasting and Researching
Comprehensive lectures, videos, quizzes, live sessions as well as real life tangible examples
Productivity tips for managing the day to day of future trend forecasting work
Cross Cultural Triangulation for macro trends impacting lifestyle, behaviour and societal shifts
Extensive inspiration to empower your futures thinking, concepts and trend direction approach
Guidelines to understand the spectrum of future forecasting deliverables, from reports to digital art
Ethical and sustainable approaches to future forecasting, rejecting chasing the ‘new’ blindly

Challenges + Transformation

The courses also dive into the conceptual aspects of future foresight:

The Challenges

Making sense of the signals, patterns of behaviour using different methods to identify future(s)
Making sense of the noise and creating future scenarios
Balancing data gathering and intuitive research, marrying creativity and discipline, ethics and objectivity, to have a wholesome approach
Staying abreast of the most innovative approaches to futures and future forecasting
Understanding a future forecasting project brief for yourself, a client or within a team

The Transformation

Acquiring a balanced approach to ‘futuring’ that is creative, methodical and purpose-led
Understanding the broader philosophical and societal aspects of future forecasting in the creative industries
Writing and visually presenting future trend concepts and direction
Managing time and projects efficiently
Gaining the confidence to create a forecast and find your voice


Explore our community resources and enhance your research experience with podcasts, articles, and video presentations.

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The Trend Atelier is also a Community

Our students get real time support by accessing our dedicated space where they get real time feedback and exchange with other future curious minds. For a high level of support and access to future insights for professional and personal growth, we offer our Visionnaire membership.